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Crazy Mother of the Bride!! *long*

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So be warned...this is the longest email I have ever read!

So this lady ordered her daughter's engagement cake after they had done a tasting and ordered their wedding cake. They loved how moist my cake was and how good the buttercream was. At the tasting the groom asked for a discount since there would be sooo many members of their parish there and I would get a lot of business from their wedding. They were already getting a cheaper rate since they saw me at a bridal show and I honored my old price. I just offered $30 off because I felt like being nice I guess. I was hoping they wouldn't order since I knew they would be difficult to deal with. Well, they ordered the wedding cake their  wedding was saturday.


I got this email today from the brides mom. What are everyone's feelings on this??


My daughter Michelle looked so beautiful.  The whole wedding party look so pretty, their hair, their dresses the bouquets, beautiful. The wedding was wonderful, with one huge glitch.  The mass so personal and touching since they are members of  ACTS and are know in the parish and by the priest.   The Bride looked like a bride right out of a fashion magazine so I was told by many.  They looked like Barbie and Ken. They wooed everyone. The bouquets by Katherine's Flower Shop were gorgeous.  They must have been expensive. People asked where the flowers were from including a man who's daughter will be getting married, they wooed everyone. The reception was scrumptious.  Food was so elegant, delicious and the waiters were so professionals.  Believe me they wooed everyone. The ballroom wooed everyone, so elegant, music was great and the waiters were so professional. People who had not been there loved it.  The  cake was a huge disappointment. I could not believe it was a cake from Sweet pea Cakes.  As I had mentioned to you, I myself am a cake decorator. I want to be sincere and tell you I do not believe you created it.  I have seen your work and they wedding shower cake was nothing like this wedding cake.  It did not look or taste professionally made.  It was not what we had ordered. The cake was suppose to have the initials in rhinestones or bling, it looked so bad, the initials were not even proportioned to the top layer of the cake. You had said you would come up with something so that the initial would stand out and it didn't. They were not appealing. The cake was supposed to have a shine to it and it didn't.  The round tall cake was suppose to have the quilted look to it with rhinestones in the center of each cross, it didn't.  It only had piping on it.  It had so much frosting on the cake it was not tasteful. The orange layer and marble layer of the cake were dry.  The cake had so much frosting on it, it looked like it had muffin tops, it was budging out of the layers. The design of the cake was poor, the branches were huge and had a few flower on it.  It looked unfinished and sloppy. On parts of the tree stumps, it literally looked as if the tree had been uprooted with the roots pointing upward.  In a wedding the bride and the cake are the main event. The couple was sad.  I was truly disappointed and sad to see their disappointment.  This cannot be taken back and be fixed.  We chose Sweet pea cakes  believing in you. You did not deliver. This cake wooed no one.

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Well other than her over use of the word "woo" and inability to make paragraphs, what did the cake look like?


Is there a photo?


Was it completely different from the sketch that was shown to the couple?


When you left the cake, was it okay? Not bulging etc as she describes?

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Ps- I do think that when people start up the talk about how much business you will get when people see the cake at their party/wedding etc etc...that is usually a warning about someone. I don't like tactics like that.

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I uploaded the picture Earlier. It's the gold and bronze flower cake. That picture was taken before we left the venue. It looked exactly like the sketch.
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I think the cake is beautiful. I think the email was a little strange and raises red flags. Did you hear from the bride?

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What a stunning cake you made! It's a really pretty picture. I am sure everybody whooed over it. ;-) When you make cakes like that I am sure your drawing and reading sketches ability is excellent.

So I can't understand their critizism. I actually think, because she mentioned being a cakedecoretor herself, she knows how afraid people can be and tend to give money back.  Being from the Netherlands (so a slightly different culture, we don't sue people over here about everything, nor ask for refunds with every small mistake someone makes) I would say; 'be confident, state that you loved your cake and are sure others would do to and wish her a lovely day."

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your heading says it all!! CRAZY!!!


I cant see the muffin tops, the tree looks perfect to me, the intials looks like edible initials would look. The only thing that I can agree with it that there was nothing in the crosses of the quilting, but that depends on what your contract states.


Wait until you hear back form the bride, she might have a totally different view



BTW I LOL at the


 People who had not been there loved it.
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Hmmmmmm there is something not quite right about that email!  


Have you replied yet?  Can you contact the venue and find out if they've had any issues with this wedding party??  

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Your cake is beautiful! These crazies are just looking for a price break. Shameful that they would put you through this just to save a few bucks! If she really is a cake decorator herself then she should know how much of yourself you pour into your work. I hope you stand behind your cake, because it's lovely.

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The lady probably sent the same email to all the vendors, just changing the email to fit that particular vendor.  Your cake is stunning and I would have been proud to have that at my wedding!icon_biggrin.gif

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Ugh. She is crazy! That is a gorgeous cake!
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There is absolutely nothing wrong with this cake!  It's gorgeous and classy.  What is the deal about the branches looking uprooted??  No bulging and no muffin tops.  What a nutcase!

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Usually the truth lies somewhere in the middle.  However, in this case, the mob is way off.  Other than a slight possibility of confusion with the quilted look on the tall tier, the cake is beautiful.  I expected a cake with some serious flaws.  Not the case.  This has that classic branch with flowers look, that so many request.


I would not respond.  Anyone who hears her description of the cake and looks at it will realize her disconnect.


Also, if the couple is sad over having a cake like this at their wedding, they are in for an awful marriage and life.  Their glass is half empty. You cannot fix that. (Unless you are a licensed psychiatrist - in which case, you might be able to fix that!)

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There is nothing wrong with that cake. Definitely no bulges. Please call the venue, photographer and DJ. Ask them is there were any issues. I once had something similar happen. The cake was fine, the venue told me everything was fine, the DJ who was standing close to the couple as they cut the cake said everything was fine and the photographer had pictures from the night and everything was fine. The MOB was described as "critical" of everything. The brides was happy. All the vendors ignored the mom.
Answers to the most often asked questions re: SPS. SPS instructions are on Page 15 of the Sticky at the top of the Cake Decorating Forum. Supplies can be ordered from Oasis Supply, Global or BakeryCrafts.
Answers to the most often asked questions re: SPS. SPS instructions are on Page 15 of the Sticky at the top of the Cake Decorating Forum. Supplies can be ordered from Oasis Supply, Global or BakeryCrafts.
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This monster MOB was probably walking around with a picture of one of those Colette Peters wedding cakes in her head.  Hence anything you made would not match (regardless of how truly excellent you made it).


Red flag was where they started nickeling and diming you about price.  Asking for last year's grocery prices would get them thrown out of the store and reported to the police...right?  YOU have absolutely no reason to offer last year's prices this year.  Nor a discount on top of that.

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