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Two Tier Cake

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Hi all, I am new to this site, Just a home Baker at the moment for family. I am going to attempt making a two tier cake for my sister's Birthday, 8inch and 6inch. Just wanted to know the cake board you use for the 6inch cake to rest on, is it a normal thin cake board? 


Also would I need to stick a long dowel road down the middle, even though the cake will not be travelling? I know I will still have to put dowel's in the 8inch cake, just confused about the long middle one. 


Would appreciate your help.

Thank you birthday.gif

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I have not yet done a two tier either. But from what I have read if you are doing an 8 and a 6, the 6 inch should be sitting on a 6 inch board.  I am thinking because it will not be traveling, you will not need the middle dowel stuck through both of the cakes. If I am wrong I am sure that those on this site who are a lot more experienced than I am will let you know if I am wrong.  I see them putting the tall middle dowel if it is traveling and if it is super high with a lot more layers than just 2 layers.


BTW, I saw your first fondant cake that you just posted and you did a fantastic job on it.  I have a feeling that you will not have any problems with a two tier cake.  A lot of people recommend doing the SPS stacking system but because you are only doing a 2 tier layer maybe you don't need that. The others will come to the rescue to let you know for sure!!


Post pictures when you are done!! Can't wait to see it. I am sure it will be wonderful!!/Mary

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Correct, you shouldn't need a dowel down the middle.  I have never used one for any of my tiered cakes, actually, but they never leave home. =)   But you will need dowels in that bottom tier to hold up the 6". 


Good luck!



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Well, I take that back, a few have left home, but never went far, so I didn't dowel. =)

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Thank You Mary, I will post it up, hopefully it wont be too much of a disaster :)

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Thank you for helping me.. think I would have struggled with the middle longer dowel but no need to now :) 

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