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cricut cake

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Just curious, does anyone own & use the Cricut Cake?  I was wondering how much I would use it if I invested in one. 


Thanks, Mary

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I have one but as a hobby decorator it does not get used a huge amount as I also like to use other techniques.  Three times a year I have to post fruitcakes to my parents on the other side of Australia and I find it is perfect for this as the decorations need to be really flat so they don't break.  I also find it is really good for lettering and cupcake and large cake toppers if you are in a real hurry.  I should add that I have quite a lot of cartridges from playing with paper so being multi use makes them more economical.  I am also gadget mad.


Most of this cake was done with the cricut but the presents, teddy and pudding  were all from a small mould.  Like a lot of things I think combining techniques is the way to go.

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