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I have a lady that wants me to do a tier cake that will feed 30-40. Can anyone tell me what size cake i need to make to feed that many people? Thank you for any help.

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So by that chart it would be a very small cake 8 inch with a 6 inch on top of it.....just make sure they understand how small the slices are actually going to be. Some people most cut very llarge slices so they would be expecting a very large cake
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The above chart is based on a piece which is 1x2x4" and believe it or not, is not a small piece.  This is the same standard size that is used in the industry,  So, if after you tell the customer that the 6/8 serves 36  based on this standard size ,and the customer wants to serve bigger pieces, be sure you are charging appropriately for a bigger cake.

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