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I have to make a cake for my boss. She specifically asked for a chocolate ganache covered in chocolate fondant. I have a recipe for a whipped ganache, but am worried about it holding up under the weight of the fondant. Has anyone ever covered a ganache frosted cake with fondant. The cake is due this Tuesday. Any help/hints you can offer would be appreciated. 




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I prefer to use ganache under my fondant. I spread a cooled ganache over my cake and smooth it. I have also used a whipped ganache if you prefer that, it works as well as buttercream. Be sure to smooth the ganache before applying your fondant just as you do your buttercream.

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I only use ganache under my fondants as do most Aussies, we are not big on buttercream here. 

 I use a mix of one part cream , I think you call it heavy cream , to two parts chocolate. 

I bring the cream to the boil , add any extra flavourings remover from the heat and stir in the chocolate. 


I leave this to set up over night , on the kitchen bench. It should be the consistency of smooth peanut butter. 

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