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Ganache on a kids cake?

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Would you use ganache on a kids cake?  I'm making my 9 y.o. son's Captain Rex Helmet tomorrow, and I was thinking I would like chocolate frosting, and then I was thinking to do something that tastes different I should do ganache under the fondant.  

However, I have never done it on a cake before (only made ganache for truffles), and wondered if the chocolate would be too strong for the kids/babies?  

Then i was thinking I could do milk chocolate instead of semisweet, but I've never made that kind of ganache before and don't know how it tastes or how it would do outside in the humid Florida air (although it is brisker now, in the 60s and 70s).  

I read that the ganache holds better, and since I'm doing 7 layers of cake for the helmet, I would be grateful for strength.

Any input would be great.  I'm stressing, it's the day before Thanksgiving and all the stores are gonna close soon, and the party is Friday!

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hi there.  i always do ganache on the kid cakes.  i do frosting as my filling between cake layers and then ganache under the fondant.  have NEVER had a complaint. 

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oh and i always do semisweet.  nice balance between that and the supersweet frosting i put in between layers.

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If your son likes chocolate he will love ganache. This year I made a ganache covered cake for my husband's birthday and a buttercream covered cake for my son's birthday. My son was upset he didn't get what he called a crunchy chocolate cake like Dad. I also use semi sweet to balance the sweet filling.  

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My 3 year old still hates frosting so I used ganache on his birthday cake. Everyone loved it, adults and kids ranging in age from 1 to 9. I used milk chocolate on one half and white chocolate on the other half. Some of the kids were eating the ganache and leaving the cake behind.

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