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Vanilla cake fillings

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Hi everyone,

I have a quick question. I know that I could find many recipes on here but I want to see what you all have to suggest!  I am making my own wedding cake in December (YAY!) but I've only made cakes with buttercream (vanilla, chocolate, lemon) in the past. I am looking for something new for a tier or two for my 3 teired cake. I just have no idea what would be a hit. I am planning on having one tier filled with buttercream since it s a hit with my family. For the others, I am stumped because I am scared that I might not get it right and ruin the taste. I also dont have enough time to start baking cakes and trying out different options ( I have 6 kids so time is limited!!)

My cake will be vanilla WASC covered in fondant. I want to keep it simple...I'lll be nervous enough trying to make it look spectacular....never made a wedding cake before!! Thank you for your great suggestions!!!

Louise :)

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How about a rum or champagne flavoured filling?  Basically, buttercream with LorAnn flavour added, or a meringue buttercream made with the wine instead of water.

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Raspberry puree would be good, as would a lemon curd.

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Hi, raspberry and lemon together in a filling for butter or white cake is delicious. If you have gotten into the meringue buttercreams, that would be delilcious also. hth

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Since you have three tiers, buttercream for one, raspberry for second (this is my favorite), and lemon curd for the third.  You can purchase canned raspberry filling and lemon curd at a supermarket - near the pie filling in my market.  One thing... put a solid dam of buttercream around the outside edge of the layer then put the filling inside that and don't get overly generous with the filling-  it can squirt out when you place the second layer on top and you will have an interesting- if tasty- mess.

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How about buttercream, chocolate and strawberry? I did that for our 25th weddings anniversary cake and everyone loved it so much that they finished that cake up plus all of the cupcakes lol. I called it my Neapolitan 3 tiered cake lol.
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Old thread. Weddings over.

Hope it went well!
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