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I'm amazed no one has posted this yet, or perhaps they have and I just can't find it.


As we all have heard by now, Hostess is closing.  I'm sure the brands will be purchased by some other company and they'll be sold again soon enough, but for now stores are reporting big sales on Hostess products as people are hoarding them.  So it occurs to me I could maybe do a small business in homemade Twinkies.  After all they're just a sponge cake with frosting injected.  Of course mine would not taste the same but they also wouldn't have all the preservatives and junk, either.  My cost would be a pan (I've seen those out there), and development time and product.  I've seen recipes for homemade Twinkies online for years.  They don't seem very hard, and when made in bulk it could be an easy way to crank out product and get my name in front of people who might then order actual cakes.  Does anyone out there offer this in their businesses?  Is it worth starting up?  I also don't want to get sued!  I wouldn't call them Twinkies of course.  What are your thoughts?



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It is already making a buzz.. but I was thinking it would be interesting too.,

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We used to offer gluten-free and vegan "snack cakes", which were made in the same form factor as Twinkies. They did not sell well since we charged $2.50 each, they might have sold better if we had a storefront and were able to offer them as impulse items.

In any case, Twinkies are not going away, they will still be available under generic labels.
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I just bought 3 packs of hostess brand fruit cake. Normally, I make them myself but last week when I bought one pack it was pretty good. So today, I went and bought 3 more.  To be honest I have not bought anything else that Hostess has sold in the past 8 to 10 years with the exception of these fruit cakes that I just happened to try last week for the first time ever. 

We saw on the internet that the union and Hostess were trying to work out a deal with the workers so that Hostess will not close. I don't know what will happen with that situation. Time will tell.

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