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Christmas Gifts for the Cupcake Enthusiast

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I appologize if this has been covered in another thread and I missed it. I have a good friend who's passion is cupcakes. She has all the standard tools, or at least what I assume are standard(stand mixer, pans, icing bags, etc etc) Help me find something cool and new to get her for Christmas I need both some bigger ticket $100-$250 gift ideas and some stocking stuffers.


Thank you all in advance for your input.

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I wouldn't get any tools, because you never know what she might already have. I always suggest, when people come into the store to purchase for baking enthusiasts, stuff like sprinkles, paper cases, sugar lay-ons, etc - things that are always needed. You can get a nice basket and make it up really cool with a bunch of different things that she might need/want.

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Stocking stuffers? Boyajian brand natural flavoured oils and extracts.  Lemon, lime, orange, almond, rum, raspberrry, mint.  EXTREMELY GOOD and addictive...Sold many places online for a better price than chains like Whole Foods.

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I would suggest extracts as well! Maybe some decorative things like sprinkles, sugar pearls, liners, etc. Last year my mother in law got me a gift card for a local grocery store so I could stock up on powdered sugar, butter, etc. It was nice to get something like that rather than *another* rubber spatula ;)

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They have a book  called "Hello Cupcakes "all about cupcakes and all kind of different ways to decorate cupcakes.  You might ask her first if she has ever seen that book in a round about way to make sure she doesn't already have it. I saw one in the store and took a quick look at it and it was pretty neat. Other than that, what the others suggest is very good.  I have also seen the cupcake toppers in the store.They have a variety of them. Making up a big basket of stuff to do with cupcakes would be a neat gift!!! I am sure others will give you more ideas!!!

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