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I hate sheet cakes

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This is a disaster in the sense that my cake crumbled or icing cracked. It's a disaster in my decorating of sheet cakes. They are my thorn. I will have a cute idea in my head but putting it on this blank flat surface intimidates me. Anyone else like this?!

I can't post the picture from my phone but here is the link to it on my Facebook page. I am all about helpful critique so lay it on me and help me do better next time around ( if I get a next time!!!)
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A total disaster?  I don't think so :)  Is it professional looking - no but certainly not that bad :)


How & when did the cake crumble?  Usually that is a sign the cake was overbaked or the recipe was very dry to begin with.

Icing cracking?  It's too dry - not creamy enough.  If so, add a bit more fat (butter or shortening) not more liquid.  Try the recipe "2 of everything" I posted in the recipe section. 

Another reason could be the base board wasn't strong enough.  What did you use?  Not sure what size that cake is but it might need 2 boards.

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I think it is adorable and very cute!!! It doesn't seem that bad to me!! Hang in there and don't be so hard on yourself!!/Mary

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It looks fine to me.  I despise sheet cakes.  I think they are so "supermarkety"  looking most of the time.  My neighbor asked me to make time I'm saying no.  

post #5 of 8 did a good job on your sheet cake, I do not see anything wrong with it. The only thing that may have affected your cake if you still think there is something wrong would be if you did not have enought support at the  bottom of the cake. You need to have a cake drum  because those sheet cakes are heavy if it is a two layer sheet cake.


I would like to recomend you to see corrie76's cakes she mostly does sheet cakes in buttercream and they are all beautifull!!!  By looking at her page and work you might get some ideas and inspirations for future work.


Good luck thumbs_up.gif!




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soledad~~thanks for posting those links.  Those cakes are fabulous!

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Soledad- I've been following corrie for quite sometime now. Perhaps why I am so discusted with mine!? Her work is outstanding!! I had the cake on foam board. I've learned a lot from this one. Thanks for yalls help! My goal is if I get another sheet cake order, for it to be at least half as spectacular as corries!! icon_smile.gif
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Okay, I take my comment back because I took a look at Corrie's sheet cakes...AMAZING!

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