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Greaseproof colored liners

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I am having issues with my colored liners losing color after baking. I tried 2 liners but it still bled thru. I tried baking in a white liner and placing in a colored after but the liner does not conform and doesn't look right.

I would like to know where to get greaseproof liners that won't fade that aren't going to cost an arm and a leg. What is the normal price that everyone is paying for a colored liner?  Thanks everyone.

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I've used Cupcake Creations liners.  The colors/designs stay true.


However, I know that there can be some separation issues with them.  I had it happen to me the last time I made vanilla cupcakes, some of the wrappers peeled away from the cupcake a bit around the top.  However, I used the same brand liner (but I think I different pattern) with chocolate and had no problem.  I've used them with a different vanilla recipe and no problem there kinda weird.


They run about $3 something around here. 

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I bought cupcake liners that were paper on the outside and aluminum on the inside (all one piece) recently and they worked well.  I can't remember how much I spent but I remember thinking they were way less expensive than I thought they'd be. I got them at Michael's. 

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