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Cake flour or all-purpose flour?

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Hello! My questions to know ** if your cakes, flour grid represents you a cake. Personally, I find the finer texture (which is more than just a'' pro'' look cake made by Mom, you know?) I tried the recipe with cake flour and all purpose flour with another and it's annoying. Because cake flour is more expensive too. Having less air particle cake is more dense automatically too.

Let me know your impression and what you prefer. What did you observe your customers? What ** preferably also for vanilla cake? 'd Rather it generally yellow cake or white cake?

Thank you!

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What kind of flour to use in a cake batter has NOTHING to do with the customer unless they pay for a special flour to be used (like gluten free or wheat free).


In general the recipe should state the exact type of flour--if it does not say what kind, then find another recipe.


Recipes are developed with a LOT of testing for a specific kind of flour.  Three most common kinds: bleached all purpose, unbleached all purpose, pastry/cake.  I use unbleached flour to bake bread so I would NOT use it for cake.


VERY IMPORTANT TO BE CAREFUL HOW YOU MEASURE THE FLOUR. Best to use recipes that call for flour to be WEIGHED.  For such recipes you still must use the correct type of flour.  You would weigh out and then sift the correct flour and add it as the recipe directs.


And really, you should not concern yourself with cake "density" from a recipe.

Correct TECHNIQUE is the highest priority.

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Thank you for your reply. :)

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