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I fell inlove with cake decorating!! I started my business with cake box mixes and added ingredients to that! Now after being in business for about a year and a half, I think its time to start scratch baking! Only problem is, I have a lot of good scratch recipes that work well...except a yellow/vanilla cake and a white cake! For the life of me and cant get one that doesnt have corn bread consistancy, or is overly sweet, or not enough flavor! The last recipe I tried was the "silver white cake recipe" from this website! Although it had great flavor my consistancy was that of cornbread! What am I doing wrong? Im feeling defeated because nothing beats that white boxed cake mix! Please help with any suggestions or base recipes that even a newbie can figure out! Thank you!


Oh and last thing...How many of you use boxed cake mixes?! And do your customers know?>



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wait I lied...i need a red velvet recipe too ;)

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I have been searching for the perfect for the perfect white/yellow/butter/vanilla cake recipe too. I've made lots! I tried scratch SF recipe


So far it's my favourite!!! After two days its soooo Yummyy!! And very moist. She has a few options with ingredients. I made it again yesterday and I'm waiting until tomorrow to taste it. This time I made it with the full cream milk option (and again butter and egg whites like last time). I think with the buttermilk it has a funny tang, which I thought at first was the egg whites. Although after two days most of the tang had disappeared. It rises beautifully and doesn't sink like other recipes. I wouldn't say its a really white cake but if you use shortening (one of the alternatives) it might help.

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Do your customer like your cakes?  So, if you change what you are baking, are they still going to like them?  Some people might not be happy if you fix what's not broke.  ;)

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