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I'd like to do this at my shop but how???

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I recently stopped into a few cupcake shops while on vacation to generate ideas and taste cupcakes I didn't have to make (actually kind of nice) icon_smile.gif
In one cute little shop they had their register on top of a glass display case similar to one from a jewelry store. Not anything fancy or your typical bakery case but what was so neat is they had all their cupcake sugars (toppers) laid out for display. It was so cute and I know if I were to do something similar I would easily up sell a lot more sugars for our cupcakes. My question is, do they have to pack those up every night at closing to avoid bugs or is there a specific kind of display case where they could stay out? I most certainly wouldn't want them to sit out and attract bugs or get dusty but I can't see that they would put out and pack up these hundreds of sugars everyday. Any opinions?
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 I'm uncertain exactly what you mean; colored sugars/ sprinkles? quinns?  Is it possible that the ones on display are 'display' samples? not really the actual sugars?

if they are just decorations made from real sugar  could they be glued to a card and displayed? The glue might seal them from the enviroment.

Even if they are the real things, here where I live, if the area was indoors, dry, kept clean and the sugar was not a large amount I doubt that it would draw bugs. I mean if I had a box of sugar cubes in my cupboard it wouldn't draw bugs unless something else were going on, would it? I realize that different climates have different problems though.

just my thoughts...

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It wasn't just for display cause they pulled on out to put on our cupcake. It was the little 1inch or so different shaped sugars that they make for all kind of occasions. I just thought it was so cute. It doesn't seem like it would be worth it to have to pack them all up everyday as they probably had a good 100-150 designs to choose from. That would also be a lot of boxes to keep in storage somewhere. Maybe it would be easier to start on a smaller scale. I just didn't know how that would work seeing that they are made from pure sugar. I mean it would be an enclosed case but it's not airtight so I didn't know if those could sit out all the time. Thanks for the reply!
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The only thing that is coming to me is maybe fondant or gum paste toppers since the "sugars" are an inch high. I'm not sure though.
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Do you mean sugar decorations like these? I would think you could just leave them in the case. I wouldn't repack them into boxes every night. If you are worried about them collecting dust, maybe you could leave them in the case, but cover them with a clean sheet or plastic wrap every night.


All this cake, and I've gained too much weight. LOL! I am now....The Cake Runner!



All this cake, and I've gained too much weight. LOL! I am now....The Cake Runner!

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If you're in Alabama there's a real worry about ants, so I get where you're coming from about packing them up. I wouldn't bother though...what you could do is put a small line of the terro-type ant killer around the base of the case, wherever you put it. I know that they make some that's like a clear caulk type thing, it comes in a tube, but I'm not sure what brand it is. Then if any ants get that far they'll eat that instead and go home to die.

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I am confused as to what you mean by sugars?  Fondant or gumpaste toppers?  Sugar sprinkles or jimmies?  Something made out of pulled sugar?

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I was assuming that she means something like these:  Just those little hard sugar decoration thingies.

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Those hard sugar decoration thingies are dead easy to make. You can make up a small number at a time, and the moulds can stack into a cardboard box for storage.


But these have to be stored the same way you store sugar cubes.  I think a tray that can have a cover popped onto it at night would be the best way to both display and store. You could then have a "wedding" box, a "birthday" box, a holiday box that changes with the seasons.

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