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You pre-empt this kind of insanity with a contract.  No changes after a specified time, payment time defined as being cleared through your bank, and delivery all spelled out in excruciating detail.


If I am responsible for delivering a cake, then it is NOT finished until I have set it onto a properly level table and made final adjustments.  Because I am NOT going to travel with tiers all stacked up...


And NO I would not send out pictures of unfinished cakes.  I can't think why any customer has any reason to ask for a bakeshop picture, when the contract is for a cake delivered onsite.


 If you want, send her a picture of packages of flour, sugar, butter and eggs...

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I txt cake clients a lot setting up meetings for sketches, deposits, and pickup time and locations. If a cake client is a friend or someone that I really liked when I met them I will sometimes txt them a picture mid-cake baking.


It is never the whole cake, just a figurine, or a flower, or something like that. I always preface it with, "Here's a sneak peak of the cake!" or "Here's a little preview!".  I've never had a request for a photo, but everyone I've ever sent one too loves it and is more excited to see the whole cake.


Again, this is not something I do often, but if I got a request for a photo I would probably deny it. Using photo quality, time constraints, or something like that. I would make me feel like they were trying to get a discount or judge my work before I was finished.

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you may need to contact them and request to send your some sample pictures for your review or also send some sample pictures for via postage ...other way you go at there shop and order your desired cake model...

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about 15 years ago we had my mom and dad a surprise anniversary party. I bought a cake from a woman who did cakes out of her home. At that time I was not into doing cakes. I just told her I wanted it to have flowers and to be 4 tiers. I paid for the cake in advance and I totally just trusted her and did not harass her in any way but waited until the day I needed it.  I figured she was the cake lady and I just put my trust in her. She did a wonderful job. She showed me how to set up the cake so I had to put it together at the venue. Everyone loved the cake!!!

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Maybe the customer needed to go get some balloons that matched the color palate and seeing the cake would give a greater sense of how the colors actually look.   Maybe the customer was so excited to see the cake that they just can't wait to see it!    Maybe the customer has seen the website "cake wrecks" and wants to ensure that their cake isn't going to be featured in the next post....I don't see the big deal in snapping a quick photo on your phone and texting it to the customer (assuming everyone is in the digital age and has access to devices that make photo sharing easy)  It takes like 20 seconds of time.   Way less time than posting about it on a forum!

I find in my experience that I am the one itching to send pictures but don't so that the customer doesn't see their item on Facebook before it arrives at their party.     

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