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I don't want to burst your bubble or anything, but disco dust isn't edible.  Nearly every product on your facebook page has plastic glitter all over it.

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I can't see cassiejoy's fb page, where is the link to it?


I can't see what she used but, there is edible disco dust :)

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She removed it after my post, although I just looked at her Facebook page and she just posted two photos on Saturday of cakes and pops which are covered in disco dust.  I find it amazing that even after learning about it she continues to use it on everything, and in huge amounts.


Disco dust is not edible.  There are Wilton Cake Sparkles which are edible but they look totally different than disco dust.


There is also sanding sugar which is chunkier, but it's sugar.


Disco dust is finely ground plastic and is considered non-toxic, but not edible.

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