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10-in Deep Cake Pan

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I've recently found an old childhood recipe for a favorite family angelfood-type cake that was baked by my grandmother. It calls for a 10-12" deep cake pan. I've searched high and low, and can't seem to find one--does anyone know where I could purchase a deep cake pan such as this? Thanks!

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Are you sure it's deep and not circumference? I can't imagine a cake that tall ever getting completely cooked in the middle.

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Yes, it is that deep. It's a 12 egg cake that's very light.  Pan is much like a sponge cake or bundt cake pan with a hole in the middle.

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Couldn't you use a deep cooking kettle, like what you would use for spaghetti or soup, etc?  It would have a rounded corner is all.

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That is not unusual for an angel food cake.  It is most likely a 10" angel food pan.  While the 12 eggs seem like a lot, it is standard for an angel food cake.


If this is not an angel food cake recipe, it still is most likely a 10" or 12" angel food pan.  I think someone used the wrong word in the written recipe you have.

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Yeah, you're looking for a tube pan/angel food cake pan. Good luck

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Yea, it would be an angel food/tube pan--the question still is, where do I get one that's 10-12" deep?

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I think what the other posters are trying to say is that your recipe is probably mis-written where it says a "10-12" DEEP" pan - and  it really means a 10" - 12" ROUND angel food cake pan, which is standard size.  Make the recipe and see if it fits in a regular angel food cake pan - I would just about bet that it will.  If it doesn't, just leave some of the batter out and adjust your recipe next time. 

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12 egg whites are fairly common for a normal 9-10" angel food cake, so I'm sure that the other posters are correct. Its a normal pan that is 10/12" in diameter not depth.


I would also bake it in a normal pan and if you have too much batter left over, make a second one. A 12" deep pan would look like a bucket :)

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I'm sure that "10-12 inches deep" really means "10-12 inch diameter".  

Nobody makes angel food pans more than 5" DEEP.

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