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Simple Truffle Recipe Storage

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As football team mom, I'm making football cupcakes.  I'm using a simple truffle recipe of crushed oreo cookies, cream cheese and dark chocolate candy melts to shape and dip footballs.  I was hoping to make the footballs a day or so early - do you think this is safe if kept refrigerated?  If you are familiar with this recipe, do you know if they will keep their shape once dipped?  Don't need any last minute disasters.


Thanks for your help.

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They should definitely be refrigerated.  I'm sure if you keep them refrigerated they will be fine after you dip them.

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Thank you so much!  I'm trying to get ahead of some of the details and I've never tried this little recipe before.  I didn't want gooey footballs.


Appreciate your help!

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I would think they would be fine for up to a week if stored in the fridge.  Any other truffle recipe always says to be used in a week.  I wouldn't think the oreo truffles would be any different.  In fact, they might be better longer.  Cream cheese has a long shelf life, and oreo's do as well.  I would think they would probably be good for well over a a day shouldn't be a problem. 


I made salted caramel truffles last weekend.  I ate two that were left over yesterday and they were just as good as last week.  I don't recommend freezing them though.  It'll make your chocoalte turn colors.  I learned that lesson the hard way! 

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Good to know - I have a day off on Friday and was hoping to get the footballs made and stored in the fridge.  I also have several cakes for different teams due the same weekend (don't know how everyone picked the exact same day for their banquets) and I'm beginning to feel a little overwhelmed!


I want my own son's team to have a good experience but mom's getting spread a little thin.


Blessings to you all who have helped me!

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