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Guittard A'peels taste

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I'm looking to use these for the first time to dip strawberries.  I really hate Wilton Candy Melts.  So my question has to do with taste.  Everything I've read say that the A'peels taste really good which is great.  I need to use the Dark Chocolate A'peels for tuxedo strawberries.  I can't find anywhere that says what it tastes like.  Does it actually taste like dark chocolate?  My client wants some dipped in dark chocolate and some in milk chocolate?  I am going to assume (I know, don't do that) that the Milk Chocolate A'peels would be sweeter and taste like milk chocolate?  I need the white chocolate ones as well (which are currently sold out at my local supplier).  Do they taste like white chocolate?  It may sound silly to be asking but the Wilton ones obviously don't. LOL.


Also, has anyone ever needed to add paramount crystals when melting these?  Or do they melt easily for dipping?



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The dark and milk taste fine but not as good as real chocolate.  The vanilla ones do not taste like real white chocolate, but a lot like canned icing (betty crocker-type) and the coating on those Mother's animal cookies

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Thanks KoryAK.  When you say they dark and milk taste fine, do they actually taste like dark chocolate and milk chocolate?


I read in another thread that some people have added regular eating chocolate that is already tempered to the A'peels and it makes them taste better.  Any thoughts?


I've never tempered chocolate and I don't want to try it now

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If you melt real chocolate and add it into Apeels it will need to be tempered.  Some may have gotten lucky in the past, but once you unleash the wrong crystals, they will wreak havoc on your finished product.


Well, they taste sort of like milk and dark chocolate.  Not bad by any means, but a side by side test would be pretty obvious.  That is just going to be the nature of the beast with any coating chocolate as the cocoa butter is replaced by oil.

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Thanks.  What you said about adding chocolate was what I was kind of thinking when I read it on another thread.  Sounded like taking a chance.

I'll try tempering chocolate when I'm just practicing, not for a customer LOL.

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