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Rose cupcakes

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Hi all,

I'm going to be making rose and pistachio flavoured cupcakes soon and rose flavouring is something I've never worked with before. I've heard that you need to put just the right amount in or it will be too overpowering. Does anybody have a tried and tested recipe for rose cupcakes (batch of 12 ideally) that I can adapt?

Also, I always use Star Key White extracts for my flavourings because I've always had great results for them, but they do a rose water and a rose extract, what is the difference and what is the best one to use?

Thanks in advance
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Rosewater is going to be more diluted. You need to add your oil or extract a tiny bit at a time, to taste.
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Hi, I have made some rose cupcakes and for me 1 teaspoon of rose water for a batch of 12 is sufficient. But you can taste and add more if needed, the strength of rose water varies a lot.

I have a recipe on my blog:

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