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Fondant Help!!

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So, we made a batch of marshmallow fondant from the site here, and while it tastes DELICIOUS , I'm having a problem liking the texture it is kind of....greasy? I'm not sure if I should try to keep working with it to understand it better, but I covered a cake with it and it was really just soft. Is that the texture?

I would love to make regular fondant, but it doesn't taste as good where marshmallow tastes amaaaazing!!!

Please help if you can! I'm going to try to work with the fondant again to see what I can do, or if I'm missing something about decorating with it (which god knows I am because it was my first time making and playing with fondant) but any help would be awesome!
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Hi, I've started making the michele foster fondant on cake central.

Being fairly new to fondant (hadn't used if since high school) and especially making it I tried this recipe. It's pretty good and has great reviews. It does come out an off white colour though. Apparently you can add white gel paste to whiten the fondant.
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I wonder if that greasy taste will disappear if you let the fondant sit for a day or two?
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It has been sitting in my fridge for a few days wrapped tightly so I'm going to take it out and try to mold some cutouts with it and see how that goes!
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