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I need some advice on coloring butter-cream, I make the butter-cream fine, it's the correct thickness and it tastes just right, but as soon as I add a coloring the whole things goes all weird and begins to separate and curdle icon_cry.gif , I started using food gels instead of the liquid because It's better for fondant, but the liquids don't work any better in the butter-cream either. and, I've made sure to have the Margarine at Room temperate, but it still goes wrong.
What am I doing wrong?, Is it because I'm using Margarine for the Butter-cream?, should I be using real butter? Please help!! icon_cry.gif

Thank you,
- Laura. icon_smile.gif
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Add more sugar for the batch you already mixed.

Margarine has more water than butter. You can try using 3/4 margarine and 1/4 vegetable shortening if that's OK with the customers. That will approximate the well-controlled percentage of water in butter.
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a little gel color is ok but to get darker colored BC it's best to use powdered colors.
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