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Tipping Cake

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Hi all! I am needing help with a cake that was presented to me. They are wanting a two tiered Dr Seuss Cake with pillars to the third tier that will hold a Dr Seuss Hat smash cake. The idea was found a website and the catch is that there is a little figurine on the second tier which gives it a topsy turvy look. From there though the little boy is grabbing onto the 3rd tired to pull it down which gives that level a tipping look as well. I am nervous about all the topsy turvy tippiness of it all becuase of all the hard work that goes into these cakes can be gone in a second if the planning isn't just right. Any help with any ideas of how to pull this off is greatly appreciated. I am attaching the website of the original cake idea hoping the visual aid gives some help. Thank you all so much!
- Erin
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Yikes! Either that picture is crooked, or that cake is actually buckling and crumbling. The structure of the cake looks like it was not put together well.

I would follow the tutorial for the topsy turvy cake and modify the top layer with the pillars and the little boy. If you did two different height pillars to get the cake plate to lean I think it would look good and still be stable. Definitely don't transport it with the top tier on though!
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