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I Finally Have a Kitchenaid!

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So, I finally have a kitchenaid, Pro HD 475 watts. Do ya'll have any tips on ways to make it last and ways to make the most out of your time? Thanks!
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Read the little book you got with it. It has both really important information regarding what speeds to do things at and how to use your mixer to its full potential.
Also, it has some nice recipes. I mean, I've only tried the white cake recipe (good enough to become my white cake recipe) but I'm sure the rest are great too. icon_smile.gif
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Buy an extra bowl and at least one Beaterblade for it. These things make my life so much easier!
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LOVE my KitchenAid. Getting another bowl and mixer blade is GREAT advice! I don't have one, but I am going to get one in the future. I am ALWAYS washing the bowl.
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congratulations on your new mixer. Its grand isn't it icon_smile.gif I agree with the ladies extra bowl is essential
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I've had my Pro series (6-quart, bowl lift) for 3 years and it broke last night. It hasn't been right since I used their meat grinder attachment. For a $500 mixer I expected a little better.
As far as an extra bowl, my personal preference is to use just the one. I'd rather clean as I go rather than have a sink full of dishes at the end. Believe me, the kitchen is messy enough when I finish.
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I clean my kitchen as I go also, but I use one bowl to mix my buttercream and another to mix my fillings, which normally I use at about the same time. Otherwise, I would be mixing buttercream, transferring to another bowl, washing the bowl, mixing filling, doing my cakes, washing two bowls. . .without my extra bowl I would have more steps and more dirty dishes. I'm all about economy of energy - I have lots to do. icon_wink.gif
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