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Mousse filling for stacked cake.

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Hi guys! My question is about ther mousse fillinf in the wedding cake.. Many bakety put chocolat mousse or fruits mousse in your wedding cakes. But the mousse must be firm and stiff because the pression. What recipe do you suggest me? And do you use it in warm temperature? (summer). And what is the best way for stacked with this? Directly in the pan?

Thank you!!!
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I use the "Costco" mousse recipe. It's easy and perfect for stacking cakes.
1cp milk
1cp hvy whipping cream
1lg bx inst pudding(any flavor)
Beat ...sometimes I remove a couple of tablespoons of milk and replace it with a couple TBS of cream for a bit more firmness
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Thank for your answer!
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This sounds good!
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If the cake needs to be on display for over five hours I use Frostin Pride or Bettercreme in place of the whipping cream. I use 2 cups Frostin Pride and one small box of instant pudding. If making a large batch I will take 3 cups of Frostin Pride and whip on medium speed to create volume. Then I take one cup of Frostin Pride and mix two small boxes of instant pudding in a bowl. Once your Frostin Pride has doubled in size I add the pudding mixture and whip until stiff peaks start to form. This filling can stay out at room temp for up to five days. Stays nice and firm no bulging and I don't have to worry about how long the cake will be on display. I used this filling in the cake below. Sorry the pick is so dark they turned the lights off when we were taking pictures. They promised me a professional shot I'm still waiting.
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