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Cupcake decorating party

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Hello fellow cupcake bakers! I wasn't sure which forum to post this in, cake business or cupcakes, I eventually decided to put it here.

I have had a friend ask me if I would be interested in going to her home and hosting a cupcake decorating party for her daughters birthday party. I've actually had a couple people ask me about this and I wondered if anyone here has any information on what to charge for this? What kind of decorating supplies do you bring?

Any information you can provide me is greatly appreciated!

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My wife attended once before, and she said that it is fun because the host provided everything like frosting, chocolates and sprinkles. There are also customized characters and M&M's.
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I did this for a 6 year olds party in March. I supplied the cupcakes, frosting (all white), disposable decorating bags, and a variety of tips (mostly star). The mother supplied sprinkles and candy to decorate the cupcakes and a box to take a cupcake home.(each child did two). I was there to help. These were friends and I was invited to the party anyway. The kids had a blast. Hope this helps.
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Hello! The other day there was this post and it was very informative for me but it was in regards to classes, but it might give you some ideas as to price also.

Good luck thumbs_up.gif

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I think cupcake stand is a must, to display the cupcakes. All the decoration on the cupcakes will come to life if you present them on a beautiful and attractive cupcake stand. The cupcake stand can also be decorated using sparkles and ribbon flowers etc.

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