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Funfetti WASC???

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I wanted to know if anyone has ever tried making Philsbury Funfetti cake as a WASC version before or with the cake mix extender recipe? If so, did it turn out properly? Is it good? I have a funfetti request and wanted to find out if either of these methods would work with the box mix. Thanks!!
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Of course you can use a funfetti mix with the WASC recipe icon_smile.gif Personally I have not done it but it will be as good as any other flavor you choose to make using my *original* WASC recipe icon_smile.gif
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yep! i just did 2 weeks ago for the very first wedding cake that i made! it was two tier, and they wanted i used kakeladi's recipe and just used the funfetti box mix. worked great!
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I made a great funfetti cake last month with just a butter wasc with a ton of sprinkles mixed in. Worked great. I think the boxed funfetti would be totally fine, but I like lots of sprinkles!
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oh yeah...if you want to see LOtS of sprinkles..the box doesnt do it...its there..but not really nocitable...but im sure you could just add more sprinkles right in!
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I have made several "funfetti" cakes. I usually make a vanilla WASC and just add sprinkles. The advantage of doing it that way is being able to customize colors.
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Thank you so much for all of your ideas and advice. I did add more sprinkles because I didn't think they would stand out as much as I wanted and it was a success! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! icon_smile.gif
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Lol @ the Funfetti request for the wedding cake. I have family request Funfetti all the time--guess you can tell what they grew up on! But I just dump a ton of sprinkles in the batter and it works fine.
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