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Cupcake liners

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Where can I get cupcake liners that still look good when you bake chocolate cake in them. I live in Canada and bought grease free liners fom Golda's kitchen but they didn't look light blue after I baked red velvet and chocolate batter in them.
Online would be fine too
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I buy my lliners and stuff at Flour Confections in Pickering. I have used the white and the brown, but no other colours for chocolate. If I recall, the white still looked fine afterwards.
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You have to be careful of companies that say their liners are greaseproof because most really aren't and the colors fade with dark cake. If you are willing to buy from US, I buy mine from Sweets & Treats Boutique. I think the site is They manfacture their own greaseproof baking cups and they are the most greaseproof liners i have ever used - and i've used a ton! I've been in contact with the owner since I'm needing some solid liners soon for many cupcake jobs i have and the lady has a ton coming in in a few weeks. I'm hoping to have them by Thanksgiving anyway so i have time. They already have 15 liners or so now. Good luck!
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