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WASC cake recpie question?

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Hello kakeladie

Thanks for the posting recepie and suggestion about the cake. My tiered cake turned out wells hat I baked three months ago. Soon I wil be placing pictures.

Now, I would like to try your recepie.
Recepie suggested I box cake mix, Would you mind telling what size of box or how many ounces are in the box? Second, I was unable to find Betty Crocker cake mix beside the ones that labeled as super moist with choclate etc( I believe they pre-made cake mix no need to add. Utter or so)

Last, would you please tell me how far I fill out the pan? Should leave 1″ or 1 1/12 . Usually 1″ are preferred to left put when filled the batter in
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The original WASC recipe called for an 18.25oz box of cake mix. Companies are no longer making the mixes in that size. Some people are adding the extra 2 oz of mix from another box. Not sure how that's been working out because I haven't had to do that yet. I ran out and bought as many boxes of 18.25 boxes of cake mix I could find before they were gone! I usually use Duncan Hines or Pillsbury cake mixes, so it is not necessary to stick with BC.
Fillng the pan depends on the flavor WASC you are making and what size pan you use. Some flavor variations will rise more than others. So it could be anywhere from 2/3-3/4 full. HTH
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As the other poster mentioned my *original* WASC recipe is based on the 18.25 oz box which in no longer being produced icon_sad.gif If you read the comments on the recipe - way down near the bottom - you will see where I have addressed this issue. Yes, the Betty Crocker mixes labeled "super moist' are what I used all the time.
As for how much batter to use in a pan - you should *always* fill any pan at least 1/2 full - even better if it's 2/3rds full. Can't actually say if that is 1/2" or 1" or whatever as it will depend on how deep the pan is.
If you use 2" deep pans, then the batter should be 1 & 1/2" deep.
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