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Commercial Kitchen: What you wish you HAD added?

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I am currently building a 2nd kitchen to go into the cake design business. For those of you who already have a Cake Kitchen, is there something that you find so valuable that you would never want to be without? Is there something that you WISH you had built into the kitchen?

Here's where I am: I have the big stainless steel triple sink, and the hand sink, a corner counter area with white laminate on the walls and ceiling and a good vent in the ceiling (for mixing area and airbrushing). Convection oven, refrigerator, microwave, office corner w/ internet, computer, and TV, large stainless steel island, and a good number of cabinets. Also shelving units for whatever else is needed for storage.

I already have lots of tools for fondant & gum paste, etc., and lots of pans, as I have been making cakes for fun for a number of years.

I plan to purchase the printer with edible "ink", cakeboss software, ajustable bar stools with backs for working at the island, The Mat, and also floor mats to save my feet, as the floor is concrete.

Is there anything else that you think is a "must have"?

Side note: My husband says that I will be locked down there until this is paid off. LOL

Thanks for any ideas!
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It sounds like a wonderful project! Is this kitchen in yr house or did you rent space? Will you be using a commercial mixer? Do you own a sheeter?
How about a space for those wheel baking/cake pan stand? They are so useful!
Wish you lots of luck thumbs_up.gif
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Just thought of this... How about a dedicated corner/space with proper lighting for taking pictures of your cakes?
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I wish I had about 1000 square feet more, LOL!
I having rolling bins that are great for storage of small tools and also dry ingredient bins.
I have also found that I make buttercream better in 2 kitchen aids mixers as opposed to one enlarge commercial size one.
I wish I had more metro rack.
I COULD NOT live without my rolling bakers rack either.
AC, heating or fan unit a must.
I am a home baker but I have a "commercialized" type of cake shop. I do about 3-4 cakes a week so I do not see the need to upgrade yet. I did however take out the oven because it was too hot in my shop with it on. I just added a double oven to my real kitchen and bake in there. Do all the decorating in my shop. Yes, this does comply with the Texas Cottage Food Law. I have pics of my small operation on my facebook page:

Hope that helps!
Cake just happens....
Cake just happens....
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Thanks for the ideas! The rolling rack is on my wish list. The kitchen is built in our basement at home. As far a a photo area, I plan to use the airbrush corner or the back wall (whichever area works best, and have a curtain rod-type thing that I can drape different pieces (whatever color is desired) of material for the background. Alot of my tools, molds, etc. are already in rolling carts. I'm not crazy about a $10,000 loan, but if the cakes I've been turning down from people I don't even know are anything to go by, I think I have a market for these cakes.

I will be happy to have a family kitchen again, even when making a cake, and my husband will love coming home to a kitchen where there is a place to sit down for supper. icon_smile.gif

I'll try to post a pic. or two when we're done. I think it will be finished in another week.
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Kitchen Floor Mats are a must for each kitchen to ensure cleanliness and safety. 

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Thank-you to everybody for your ideas. Yesterday, I became an officially legal kitchen for my cakes! YAYYYY! Here is my new kitchen (most of it). It also includes a mini office area )for computer work, TV, edible printing), shelving, etc... Now, to start!!!


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How exciting for you! Love that island - from the sound of how many cakes a week you'll be producing (and the angle of the photo) it looks like you'll be needing a larger fridge. From working in a commercial kitchen, i agree w/ floor mats and bakers' racks.  This is a layout that many home bakers will be drooling over! Best wishes for lots of caking success.

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Here's what I missed from commercial kitchens:


A foot operated drinking fountain.  Because in commercial kitchens around here, drinking water cups are not allowed.

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another fridge,because you will have a lot of orders to put in !!!!!! beautiful kitchen,I wish one for me too !!!!!!!

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At least Deb has an extra refrigerator upstairs if needed for extra space.  The kitchen looks wonderful. I am sure you are going to enjoy it!!! Deb will probably get an extra refrigerator later on being that they spent a good bit of money on this kitchen.  I have a feeling you will get a whole lot of cake orders because word of mouth gets around quickly.  Enjoy your beautiful new kitchen!!! You deserve it!!!

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Thank-you all so much! I got my triple sink, and SS Tables FREE. That saved a lot of money. I bought my cabinets (used) on Craigslist. It was still expensive, but when you compare start-up costs with someone who is running a cake business with a storefront and rental space, this was very affordable. Still, I have a 10,000 loan, and that is plenty. I had to build the 2nd kitchen since I have 2 labrador retrievers. If I had no animals, I could have had a cake business, but I would not have been allowed to use ingredients like cream, and could never make cheesecakes, etc... This was the way to go. Either this, or never sell cakes. Honestly, I'm hooked on cake-decorating, so here goes! Oh... I bought the cake boss software, too. That is amazing! I am sure it will pay for itself in short order. Over and out. Here goes!!! ...So I'll phase out of the website design business and start up the cake design business. icon_smile.gif

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