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best way to transport a cake/cupcakes?

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I'm new to this forum (and to ckae decorating too!), and I'm sure this topic is floating around somewhere that I can't find. I have a fantastic Wilton cake caddy for my round cakes, but I'm looking for something for my 9x13 cakes and cupcakes. I know Wilton makes a 3 in 1 caddy, but I read reviews on Amazon that cupcakes don't stay put in it. Does anyone know of a really good caddy for these? Or a homemade trick or the trade? Having a hard time coming up with solutions that won't interfere with the icing. Thanks!
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Yes. You'll need heavy duty alum. foil and a cupcake pan. Flip the cupcake pan over and make a mold of it using heavy duty foil. After pressing it in you'll have as many faux cupcake impressions as you want. Place it in a long low box and put your cupcakes in each impression. They will stay still.
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I saw a blog on how to make a cupcake holder for transporting cupcakes. They used a sheet cake board and hot glued styrofoam cups. They shortened the height of the cups to about half and placed the board inside a cake box. The cups held the cupcakes in place. People come up with some really neat inexpensive ideas.
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Thanks! Those are some awesome ideas. Anyone know of a good way to transport 9x13 cakes?
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I buy boxes from my local cake store. I use those to transport all cakes. Use a piece of mailing tape on the bottom of the cake board to hold it down. I also use the boxes for cupcakes. Put a dab of frosting on the bottom of the cupcake and it won't move.
Have fun baking!
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I usually buy boxes to transport my 9x13 cakes and that way it doesn't slide around at all. I do have the Wilton 3 in 1 caddy and when I use that, I usually put a glob of buttercream under the cake if I'm putting the cake directly on the caddy. If the cake is on a cake board, then i'll use some of the non-slip drawer protector between the caddy and the board. I have never had an issue with anything moving around that way. Good luck!
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I use the Cupcake courier to transport my cupcakes.
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