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2:1 Ganache is too soft after adding liquor

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I made a 2:1 ratio chocolate ganache and adding some liquor to it. I let it rest overnight and its a little soft...not really runny, but really soft. It is going to be for a filling but I wanted it a little firmer. I dont know if its too soft because of the liquor. Can I place it in the fridge to firm and then fill the cake with it....or what can I do to firm it up a bit? Also, if I do put it in the fridge to firm up once I fill the cake with it, will it get soft again or stay in that same consistency once filled? I added about 5-6 teaspoons of liquor once the ganache was made but before it had cooled.

I made 3 batches....the liquors were grand marnier, chambord and port.

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#1) if you added the liquor in addition to the cream that will definitely throw off your ratio

#2) even if you directly substitute liquor for cream it is thin and has no butterfat so that will still throw off your ratio

You just need to melt some additional chocolate and stir that in. Yes it will firm up in the fridge, but will return to the room temp consistency you see now once it returns to the same temp.
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Thanks Kory for your advice. I simply added some more melted chocolate and stirred that in. I am going to wait a few hours to let it firm up a bit. The bride wanted "booze" cakes. But I realize that booze ganache is not possible. I am simply going to do a sugar syrup and add liquor and then brush that onto the cake icon_smile.gif
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Booze ganache is certainly possible. Just keep adjusting. You can keep adding chocolate. I do this all the time. Unfortunately, because my cakes are more homestyle and I do lots of cookies, cupcakes, truffles, etc, I don't keep any record of my ratios.

Some other ganache adjusters are corn syrup and vanilla bean paste. Both will soften a too thick ganache and both will also sweeten up the flavor. With these two, chocolate, cream, and the liqueurs, the possibilities and the consistencies are endless.

Just keep adjusting.
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Here's your correction for booze ganache: butter.

If you are using cream that is 18% butterfat, that means you can use 1 cup any liquid and 1/4 cup butter (butter has some water, eh) for the 1+1/4 cups of cream.

For heavier (30% or so) cream, use 3/4 cup booze and 1/2 cup butter.

Sorry this doesn't work by weight as liquors vary greatly due to different sugar content. Rum weighs less than its volume of water and Kahlua weighs a lot more...

Best to use unsalted butter. Any brand that tastes neutral.
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