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Help? How would you replicate this cake?

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I'm not sure who the original baker was on this cake but its absolutely phenomenal, and I have a bride that is considering something like it just wondering what the easiest way to approach it would be?
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Looks like each tier is covered half in white and brown fondant, seams hidden by fondant swag down the cake. Ganache spooned to look like drips and let harden? very cool cake good luck!
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There are a lot of versions of the half and half cake out there...You could cover the whole thing in white fondant then add the chocoatle over it whrere you want it, or do it half and half.
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Looks like they combined half white and half brown fondant. Using pieces of white fondant swaying down covering where the two colors join together. Some royal icing work on the white layers. Chocolate ganache (kinda thicken) lightly dripping down. Chocolate covered tuxeo strawberries. With a nice shell border.
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My question would be is the cake underneath half chocolate and half vanilla? As a guest if I was cutting into the chocolate side I would want chocolate cake. As the cake baker that sounds annoying...
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I would make it all chocolate (buttercream or fondant, up to you) then cut pieces to cover half with white fondant. The seam is covered with frosting and the chocolate has ganache to enhance the effect. Good luck!
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I actually just recently did one of these cakes for a friends daughters wedding, I did it in buttercream, because they did not want fondant, other than the swags. You can do alternating layers of cakes, or if you want to have each tier halfed, you can bake a 12 inch choc layer, 12 inch vanilla layer, and cut each layer in half, stack side by side and then frost. when stacking I just turned each tier to get the swirlled effect. for the chocolate drizzle, i made some chocolate ganache, let it cool some and took a squirt bottle and gently squirted on the cake around each tier, then I put the fondant swags on last, HOpe that helps, its really not as hard as I thought.
Make each day count!!!
Make each day count!!!
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Not really what you asked, but looks like it was made by Shockley's Sweet Shoppe for Bridal Guide magazine.
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