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Flavor pairing for pumpkin cake

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My husband has requested a pumpkin cake with caramel frosting for his birthday (today). I plan on doing a pumpkin bundt cake with a caramel glaze/frosting. I would like to have some kind of surprise filling but am at a lost (and very short on time!) for what to do. A quick google search gives me a standard streusel filling but that didn't catch my eye too much and it kind of makes it feel breakfasty. I am open to cupcakes but a bundt cake seems so much easier.

Any ideas?
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Surprise: use skor baking bits layered into the pan with the batter. You can mix in chopped nuts if he likes them.

So you fill the pan: layer of batter, leayer of skor, layer of batter, layer of skor, layer of batter. Use one package total.

It tastes great.
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Sounds like a plan. I had to google what skor was and then I recognized it immediately although I don't think I have ever had one. I am not sure how that is possible given my sweet tooth! I wanted to introduce chocolate to the cake in a inconspicuous way so I think this will be perfect! Plus my husband will have no idea what it is which makes it a good surprise.
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I am planning to make a chocolate pumpkin cake and have been thinking that a "baked apple" filling might be yummy! I plan to chop apples into little bits, sprinkle with cinnamon in the oven with a little butter until soft. At least in my mind it sounds good icon_smile.gif

Good luck!
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For a chocolate pumpkin cake, I would fill with a mix of chopped-up white chocolate and nuts. And maybe think about mole spices in the batter...

I like the baked apple theme with a plain sour cream cake batter (no vanilla), that way you get the full impact of the apple and spice without them fighting for attention with the chocolate...

OK so I believe in the "rule of threes": chocolate-pumpkin-spice or apple-spice-sour cream.
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oh my goodness!!! I just seen this one. Saved it for me. Looks so delicious!!! Will make it for Thanksgiving.
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