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Originally Posted by FromScratchSF

I'd make a regular caramel sauce and call it "dule de leche". Chances are in a cake nobody would know the difference.

This caramel sauce is shelf-stable despite the cream? I made dulce de leche from scratch (milk and sugar slow-cooked) it was a loooong process. Great result but having to watch the pan for about 2 hours...
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I have not tried cooking it in the can but just the method in the microwave which is HEAPS quicker and although I am sure the original way is probably superior...I found the microwave one definitely yummy. I left it out - it was we'll I am still kicking. And sorry SCP but I do have to agree that you do come across as sounding quite rude sometimes on here - why do you tell the OP not to come on here asking her fellow CC'ers advice - obviously none of us are experts or work for those official government bodies (including yourself) - we are just sharing our opinions etc and I am sure the OP is well aware of that. Oh and just because the 'officials' say something does not necessarily mean it's gospel.....

..........mmmmmmh caramel icon_wink.gif
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Wow! All this talk about dulce de leche.

Dulce de leche is the number one choice for fillings in cakes and other desserts in South America, and everyone makes it from scratch, the 3-hour way.

It's sold at markets and on the streets in plastic containers. People eat it by the spoonful, and when they get home hours later, they would put it in the fridge, but nobody rushes to do it.

We even have these dulce de leche candies, made with condensed milk, egg yolks, maybe brandy, cloves, butter, cinnamon, and powdered sugar, barely cooked over a bain marie, made into a paste, then taken out and rolled into little balls; kept at room temperature. They're sold as homemade candy, and they're on every child's birthday party. I have a container since June brought by friends. It should last me till Christmas!
(I know it's in Spanish, but really, I'm not making it up!)

In my country, they do not put eggs in the fridge either. I still worry about leaving egg whites out here, "aging" for macaronsbut sometimes I think "the French do it, so it must be OK."? lol

Maybe VPJane has this kind of experience. I don't judge. A friend in NZ told me that the most famous cupcakery there sells cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, at room temperature, shelf-stable, no preservatives. I was horrified, but again, maybe they have their own rules there.

Good thing I don't sell cakes. I would go crazy with worry now.

Ellawillow, do you have 3 hours? You should try the real thing.
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I have to agree with the taste difference between the real thing and the one I got at the store. The store brand was good (Nestle) but the one that took me HOURS to make is like 999.96 times better-tasting.
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I have never tried the one from the shops (the nestle one) - as always thought it would not be that good..... Although the one I made was really nice I am sure the original (time consuming one) would be soooooooo much better. I wish there were more hours in my day - is just so hard to find the time to try and make everything that i would like to do. But you both (Vgcea and imagenthatnj) make me want to try it the proper way. If I do sometime soon, I will come back to this thread and let you know how it went icon_smile.gif
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ella, some background. A few people (always the same ones) on CC like to say the opposite of anything I look up to find a correct answer and then argue about it. When I saw this thread, there were already posts that were contrary to food safety.

Some threads are opinion geared. But the ones on business plans, business viability, law, and especially food safety, are best answered mathematically or by quoting authority. Math has no opinions and neither does food safety.

I am no expert in food safety or many other threads where I post, but some of us, including Jason, stop and take the time to research the correct answer from the proper authorities, where detailed experiments have taken place to insure public safety.

And yes, it is gospel.

Anyone can find the correct answer by Googling the question and going through page after page of opinion, and finally getting to an authorotative site. Sometimes the answers take a long time to find. I spent a few hours on a safety issue a few months ago. After all of that work, it's hard to just sit back and not give a rebuttal. But that fact-finding search is the part of CC that I like. I'm studying and learning as I search for the answer.
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Two good suggestions for alternate methods (I never thought about the BPA issue until reading this):
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Thank you for posting the link 'pinkfluffy cupcake' I will have a look at it.

To 'imagenthatnj - I read your post with interest as incidentally I had read a comment about dulce de leche in Mexico and how they don't seem to refrigerate there either.....funny how people have done these things for years and years and survived ok...... icon_rolleyes.gif

I am curious to know what the original OP ended up doing...........
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