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Baptism cupcakes for boy?

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I'm getting a lot of requests lately for baptism cupcakes, but clients are saying they don't want a religious theme and are asking for ideas. I'm not exactly sure what to suggest to them, because to me, the cupcakes then would look like something that is more suited for a baby shower. Is it ok to go more with themes associated with baby showers? Any suggestions will be very much appreciated!
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Really? Baptism cupcakes without a religious theme? I can't touch that one with a 50 foot pole. People today baffle me!

I think your only other option is to do a baby shower-ish theme. Maybe little blue bears or something. You could add little halos or wings to them-maybe they wouldn't have an issue with that...
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People really are strange----I guess you could lean more towards something to do with the child' s name....more like a naming day. What about an angel or cherub? It makes you wonder why people even bother to baptise their kids.
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okay well that is weird!
however you could make some little fondant figurines of a baby or you get some edible images of the babys face and stick it on some frosting they always look cool!
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