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white cake with ? frosting

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my nephew is giving me carte blanche but does not like chocolate or lemon. Want to knock his 18 year old socks off. What goes great with white...think rasberry would not be his first choice. I wished he liked chocolate!!!!! icon_cry.gif
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Hee hee hee...

Vanilla cake (ivory coloured) with RUMMMMM sprinkled in the layers after baking, and also mixed into the frosting.
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Coffee or espresso? I like strawberry with white cake but when you cut it, it's pretty girly icon_biggrin.gif.

EDIT...or caramel!
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I've been doing an orange dulce de leche that is really good. Just mix some dulce de leche and orange zest into buttercream until you get the flavor you want. If it's easier, you could just use caramel sauce instead of dulce de leche too.

Or maybe coconut almond? (Use some coconut cream and almond extract in buttercream.) Or a simple white chocolate buttercream? Peanut butter? Cream Cheese? Spiced buttercream?

White cake is sort of a blank slate. Just try to think of what his favorite flavoring is and work it in to buttercream.
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If he likes maple pecan, then you could add chopped pecans to the batter, and use real maple syrup in a meringue buttercream (boiling up the syrup and not using sugar or water at all). This kind of cake in 4-6 thin slices, with nuts in the filling, would taste absolutely fantastic.
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