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topper with a balloon

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My client wants an elephant cake topper holding a floating balloon. I realize the 'string' attaching the balloon would be wire but still wouldn't a 3D gumpaste balloon be too heavy to hold up? I have done 2D stars and hearts in the past and they sag. Do I just need a stronger wire?
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How about a gelatin balloon? I saw a tutorial here for gelatin balloons.
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gelatin would be cute! If you go with fondant/gumpaste, what about a heavier gauge of wire? Maybe a hollow fondant balloon?
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U can do that? A hollow fondant balloon?? Please tell how! icon_lol.gif
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I just made some balloons with gumpaste on a 18 guage wire. Make sure your gumpaste balloons dry on the wire for a day or more before standing them upright and they won't sag!
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It just depends on how big you need the balloons to be. I made some on a wire and they were just fine. Like Pam1976 said, make sure your wire is thick enough and that they dry on the wire for a few days.
Cake makes everything better!!!!
Cake makes everything better!!!!
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I have not made one. Sorry! But I would try to do it like gelatin and wrap it around a balloon like a little egg and then let the air out of the balloon and hang upside down on the wire to dry like you would a flower.
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Ok inspiredbymom! I want to try that just for fun. icon_smile.gif
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Thank you!! I just wanted to make sure it was possible before I quoted.
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Hey guys! I found this forum post from 2006. Interesting.....

I hope it works! icon_smile.gif
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Thanks inspiredbymom!
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Sounds like this is getting complicated.
How large is the cake? balloon?

A hollow fondant balloon is about the same weight as a styrofoam balloon covered in thin fondant. The foam is really light, and it allows for a better connection as the wire holds the entire piece throughout.

Also, although you want a floating balloon, what does the design look like. I don't think the balloon is the hard part but I would have to see the design
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