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Spend the last hours of each day cleaning up and putting stuff into its proper place. Then you pack a box with the stuff needed for the next day's orders offsite, so that you are not scrambling at the last minute.

Maybe the business needs to buy some duplicate tools that will remain YOUR responsibility so that the other workers can get their jobs done anyway. I have found myself buying my own tools because I don't like cheap stuff.

YOU need to learn how to organize yourself, because you are not going to succeed at doing work at home until you have a good way of planning and getting stuff done ahead.
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If it s your passion don t give up. I used to be disorganized as well and like someone said, it can be corrected. Change two things at the time... But only after you get less orders or someone to help because you can t handle so much, you re only human! Stress definitely will cause you to forget things and not being able to think in an organized manner. You are handling way to much, when u stop taking so many orders or get a personal assistant if u can afford it, only then will u be able to focus on becoming organized because you won t be overwhelmed and therefore, will be able to think more clearly.
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'm always busy and stressed I make huge messes because my orders are huge. Lots of hand painting, sculpting. I'm the only person at the bakery who does custom orders and wedding cakes.

Not sure what to do. My husband wants me to work from home I think that would only makes everything worse. I'm ready to move on and do something else.

It sounds like you are a creative and talented person who doesn't know how to arrange for help. You really can't do everything yourself, even though you want to. I use to be the same way. And then I realized that I was pulling myself in 100 directions and getting nothing done well. I also saw that I didn't delegate to other people. I had to learn to give responsibility to other people so I could focus on what I did best. That didn't mean asking for help once in a while. It meant making someone else 100% responsible for a task so that I was free from it.

If you want to quit, then quit. But if you love what you do and just need help, then demand help from other people. It really is a skill that we all have to learn. We have to learn to delegate responsibility to others.
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Good stuff! thanks everyone.

I went to staples and got supplies to keep things in order. (Post it notesicon_smile.gif I will keep you posted as to how it goes working from home. As of yesterday I'm done working for and with anyone else! Yay a huge load off my shoulders. I already have a great client base since I've been doing this so long. I'm booked for October and already booking cakes for 2013. I'm limiting myself to orders that are for $100.00 or more so I don't get bogged down with tons of little orders. I also just found a bakery that will bake my cakes for me. This will save me time and stress. I already feel so much better. The worst of this is behind me movin on icon_lol.gif
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Yay!! You re a champion for not giving up and making the changes that were best for u. Good job! thumbs_up.gif
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One of the best things you can do for yourself as an employee or owner is to know your strengths, but to also recognize your weaknesses.

The things you describe will be a hinderance as an employee and an owner.

All of the advice has been good. What I can add is that we all hate cleanup and details (unless we ARE the detail person). But these are things we all have to do.

You may be overworked, especially if you work by the hour and maybe too much is expected in the time given. Talk to your boss and see if some compromises can be made.

Good luck. Don't quit without a real effort to find some peace with what you love.
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