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Fabric effect with buttercream

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I have a wedding cake next month. The bride chose the design that looks like a fabric wedding dress with the buttons down the front. It's usually done in fondant, but she wants it done in buttercream. IF I was to try the fabric effect what tip would I use? I told her I would probably frost it smooth and then do the buttons and she is happy with that. Do I do the buttons in buttercream or make them from fondant? How do you make them with fondant so they're all the same? Thanks for any advice!
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Do u have a pic?
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This cannot be done in buttercream. It's one of the few cases where gumpaste or fondant is required, to reproduce the draped "fabric" effectively.

You should have consulted here before you accepted the contract.

At this point you will have to sit down with the bride immediately to find a reasonable compromise. Remember that nobody else will be able to do thie design either so don;t assume that you have to give back the deposit.
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I never promised I could do the fabric look. She is happy with the smooth buttercream with the buttons. But, I did find two pictures here on CC that are done in buttercream that have that look. Here's one...

I know it can be done with a very steady hand, but I wasn't sure what tip it would be. I just thought I would try and see if I could do it.
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Ok, I see what u mean now. You can do it!! icon_wink.gif
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Use a petal tip like the Wilton 104 or 103

Do the buttons in fondant and attach after.

Good Luck

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Quinte West, Ontario, Canada   Strictly Wheat & Gluten-Free         


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Yes, lots of decorators do a fabric design in b/c. Good luck, it will be beautiful!!
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would i mark the cake somehow with lines to follow or just trust my not so very steady hand? icon_confused.gif and as far as the buttons, i guess i just do them one by one and hope they're about the same size? are they kind of flatter than a pearl? i have done pearl necklaces freehand, but i'm worried about these buttons. you guys are so very helpful! thanks!
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Lines would help a whole lot! Plus you can check out on the web how to position both hands while u pipe. Getting the right position for both hands will help u a lot since one hand helps the other to stay steady. Plus I learned how important it is to rest your hands when they get tired and wobbly. The pearls look round to me. If it s ok w the bride, u could do fondant pearls?
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Not to be contrary...but these are styles that require fondant:
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here's another one that's what i'm going for:

looks like these buttons are done in buttercream also
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Yes these buttons are made in buttercream. I like the buttons from your first pic better. icon_rolleyes.gif
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Those are styles that require fondant. However, none of them are anything like what the OP is intending attempting.

Sorry, OP, I can't do anything in buttercream, but I do like your first example. Good luck with it!
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There are ruffle tips that you might consider using - they are so easy! I'm sure your cake will be beautiful and I have to say that I'm glad you're making something tasteful and not the "headless bride" look in dress cakes! LOL!!
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I forgot to tell u that they have fondant silicone molds that do pearls so they re all the same size. icon_wink.gif
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