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How to fix dried fondant on a fake cake?

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Hi there icon_biggrin.gif

I just purchased a fake cake from the classifieds and there are a couple of tiny flaws (that I'm sure only I will notice but I'm a perfectionist). I am wondering if there is anyway to fix these? The cake is fondant covered styrofoam and was made in July so the fondant is really hard.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much in advance icon_biggrin.gif
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If it has cracks, someone once gave this great advice that worked for me: make a little fondant ( or buy it ) of the same color. Add water to it to make it really pasty, then put some of that pasty fondant ( little at the time) and rub it slightly to fill in the cracks.
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Thank you Diana81 for the reply. Do you recall if the added fondant 'paste' dried really hard like regular fondant does?
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No problem and yes it did! Put enough water to make it as pasty as peanut butter texture. Apply some on your index and rub gently in the cracks and let it dry. Voila! icon_smile.gif
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That's awesome! I'm going to try your suggestion and see if I can fill in a few of them to make the cake look even more perfect! icon_smile.gif Thanks so much for your advise icon_smile.gif
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No problem! Anytime icon_lol.gif
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I often just use some royal icing to fill the imperfection and then smooth it with the side of my hand. If it is a deep crack/hole build up the icing in layers.
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I'd be afraid to use royal icing because I have heard that it discolours over time and with this being a fake cake, I am hoping to be able to rent it out for at least a year or two icon_smile.gif
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I only make fake (faux) cakes and use this method. I have cakes that are 3+ years old and the fondant has darkened over time.
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I've heard the royal icing 'yellows' quite quickly but dont have any personal experience using it
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Guys, what are these faux cakes, styrofoam cakes for?
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Some use them as samples of their work and to display at their shop or at wedding shows. I am using mine to rent out. It's getting really popular to rent a wedding cake instead of buying one. In my area, you can rent a large wedding cake for around $100 and then serve a sheet cake to the guests. A large real cake would cost $500+ so it's a big savings. Not sure if anyone is using a faux cake for any other purpose.
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Oh! I see! Thanks for explaining!
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