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Does fondant expire?

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I have just gone to make my boyfriend's birthday cake and realised that my packs of marzipan and coloured fondant all had dates on them for Jul 12 and Aug 12...can I still use them? They still seem absolutely fine but I'm worried if there's any health implications or they will taste bad, but I'm a student so if I had to throw all of them out I'd be a bit gutted but oh well icon_smile.gif They're all Regalice if that's any help

If I do have to throw them out though it will be fine! I don't want my boyfriend and his family getting sick! thank you x
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I've recently done cakes with white regalice fondant that had expired a month or two before, I tasted it before using. it to see if it wasn't rancid.It had the same taste as usual... We didn't get sick.. and in Belgium we buy a lot of marzipan in december and eat them even after the expiration date has passed
I would taste your products too see because maybe your marzipan is different (and almond powder may become rancid) from the one we buy here and for the fondant maybe the coloring may have changed something other wise fondant it's just sugar.. other wise I think you should be ok since the date wasn't that long ago.. but that is just my opinion..
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Generally Fondant has a best before date on it which is different (by what I understand) then a used by date.

I wouldn't imagine you would get 'sick' from eating fondant that is pasts its best before date as it is mainly made up of sugar.

I'm sure there is some one out there that is more qualified at answering for you.
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Seeing as it's barely out of date, I would use it if it did not seem "off" in any way. I'm sure it's fine icon_smile.gif
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