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number 3 cake?

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wanting to make a number 3 cake for my nephew, have never done a number before. is it better to do a 11x15 then carve? or use rounds and combine? any advise would be great thanks
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Much less work to carve the half rounds.

Chill cake well before carving.
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How many are eating?
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I made a "3" as a 3 layer cake, starting with 12x15 sheets
I knew it had to serve 25+ and it was for family so I always go bigger. I made a few giant 3's on the back of wrapping paper to the size of the cake and then I cut up my templates so I could use the 12x15 sheet the most efficiently. My concern was that if the cake layers were all attached at the same curves, the cake would be less stable ( I had to drive it about 35 miles) so I cut the middle layer differently than the 1st and 3rd layer for more stability. I don't know if others would do it this way but it worked for me!
Good luck!
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I try to bake the closed shape in the first place. For me for a 3, that would be an oval. If you don't have the oval pan, then yes a couple of rounds are less waste than a rectangle.
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Thanks for the advice, need to feed about 25 people think ill do a 2 layer 11x15(that's the largest pan I have)then carve ... Cute cake Theresa thanks for the info on how to make a template [/img]
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Glad to help! Thanks!
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