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Monogram cake

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My client wants a Square Buttercream wedding cake. I am attaching a picture that she says she kind of likes specially the middle tier. My question is that can it be done in a buttercream cake. I will be using Italian Meringue Buttercream. I know that IMBC does not crust. Can I use fondant decorations on this cake. My fear is that the decorations will slip down. Has anyone does this before. Please help me.

Thank you in advance
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Ok, your client wants a stenciled design on an IMBC covered cake. You're right - it can't be done on IMBC. The only thing I can think of is to buy cutters and try to recreate this design with very thin gumpaste (ultra thin), that would stick, or if you have a Silhouette or Cricut machine, try to cut out a design on sheets of extra thin gumpaste then apply. but you can't stencil on IMBC, won't stick. Can you get her to change to fondant or crusting buttercream?
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Thanks for replying.... She told me that she doesn't like the taste of Fondant or crusting buttercream. I tried to convince her but she wasn't getting convinced .....May be I should just do piping instead of stenciling but what about the monogram how I will incorporate that in the design?????
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What if you take the ribbon on the middle tier and cut it so that there's space enough to do the square monogram (as though the ribbon wasn't long enough to go around the cake). Then you pipe a blue square to hold the ribbon there (and maybe use some piping gel just to be safe) and then pipe the letter and the little dots in the corner. It won't be exactly the same but it should be a good compromise between what she wants and what's actually feasible.
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I wonder if you could do the stencilling with royal icing on wax paper,peel and attach once its dry. You could do the same with the monogram, do flooding in a square with royal icing, once dry do the letter on it, then peel and attach with royal icing or melted white chocolate. hth.
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You could use a cricut to cut out blue icing sheets, or an edible printer to print the design and exacto it out. That way you wouldn't have to source the right blue icing sheets. It just depends on which tools are available to you. The icing sheets will adhere to the IMBC and absorb into the cake slightly so there will not be much of a difference when eating. I have used icing sheets a lot recently and they make things quite simple. Hope that helps.
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