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hi there! will this app be available for droid anytime soon? it sounds amazing!

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Please have one for the android users. I would love to have that:-) 

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Hi Kaat, Mccdelc and Catt11 I'm sorry to say that as of now my husband has no plans to bring the apps to Android. He has a full time job that has nothing to do with app development and he develops the apps in his spare time. We also have a little baby girl that takes a lot of our time. He always hates telling Android users no, but he really just doesn't have the time or resources to work on other platforms.

He is currently working on major updates to both TieredCaker and SheetCaker that are very exciting! After that, he will continue with new apps that are planned for the Calculated Cakes suite.

I'm sorry this is probably not what you would like to hear, but I hope it helps explain why the apps are only on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.
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Any idea when the new update will be coming out? I'm planning on purchasing this app on my iPad.

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sweetmelissa730 I'm sorry I must have missed your reply somehow! Chris has not set a release date for the app updates but he is working hard to get them done as quickly as possible. If you sign up for our mailing list on our website you can get a notification on app updates and new app releases.

Our site just got a upgraded look with some new information about the company and some teasers about the app updates. Here is what he had to say about the TieredCaker update:

Version 2 of TieredCaker is currently under active development. Some of the exciting new features in the update include 3D models of your stacked cakes, straight-line style cutting guides (including cutting guides for custom serving sizes), an improved user interface, and more!

If you already own the apps, updates are always free! I'm so excited about the 3D models of the cakes! It will be so great to show clients the look of a round two tier cake vs. a square two tier (or a million other combos) to help them decide what they want. Very exciting!!
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