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New app for cakes, anyone tried it?

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There's a new app for iPhones and iPads called tiered caker, anyone tried it yet and what were your opinions? Is it worth the $8.50?

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I just looked it up! It seems really good, but I would also like to see what other people who have used it have to say about it before purchasing it!
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Looks interesting, I wouldn't be surprised if this was developed by someone on CC since I remember someone asking questions about developing an app not too long ago.

Screenshots here:
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Thanks, yes, that was for designing the cakes I rembember, this one seems to be just the measurements side of things, but I'm not sure I want to spend that much just for that!
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Wow, looks great. Wish I had an iPhone. Most of us (who have been in business for a while) have blank cake dummies we use at our taste tests with the number of servings printed on the side of each, along with the size of the dummy. The only way I would use it would be to calculate odd serving tier sizes like for 5 - 7 - 9" cakes, but for newbies or for on the spot (away from the shop) calculations it would be idea................oh and for wedding shows. Great idea.
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My husband is the developer of TieredCaker. He has been working on it for the past several months, and it was just released on the App Store yesterday.

In my opinion, the best feature of the app is that when you enter the number of servings that your client needs it will calculate all the possible tier combinations that will get you close to that number of servings. It will give you options from single to multiple tiered cakes, and it lays it out in a simple to use format. Before he made this app, I had to use multiple charts and try to calculate by hand what tier sizes I wanted to use to get to the correct amount of servings.

Another feature I love is the cutting guides. There are some pans that I couldn't even find cutting guides for on the internet, and in the app they are all in one place and I can print them or email them to my customers, which they really seem to appreciate.

If you have any questions about the app I would be more than happy to answer them.
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Well, I just bought it so I'll let you know!
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FromScratchSF thanks!! Sorry to be off topic but I saw your cake today on thecakeblog..... Amazing work!!
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wow! This would have been very helpful for me today as i was just trying to figure out a lot of this information. WIll this app be coming out for Android?
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mrsg1111 - Sorry, there are no plans for an android version at this time.
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Thank you for your off-topic love icon_biggrin.gif

Now don't get mad, but... no. At this time, I do not feel this ap is worth $8. I probably should have read the description a little better, but I was expecting something that does more then basic math. There are several free online websites that calculate servings, I was really hoping this had much more to it for the price.

So please take this as constructive criticism in hopes that your husband will update this ap with features that busy cake pros would be handing over fist-fulls of cash for.

It's handy that this quickly suggests pan sizes, however it only suggests all the same size pan. I badly want something that will calculate mixed shape cakes - there are very few charts for those.

There should be a way to change what serving chart you want to use or at least be able to calculate based on volume (like you can with

I need visual examples of what the cake would look like if I was using this at a consultation. They don't need to be fancy, a simple diagram would be helpful.

I'd never give someone a wedge cutting chart - it's antiquated and a mess for caterers. Straight line method is the only way to go. And if I could add my logo to brand it, the better.

I hope you take this as constructive! Again, I'd love for you to make a million dollars!
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PS - I do know how hard it is to design an ap and get it green-lit on Apple, so congratulations for being the 1st to do this, and I will be the 1st t pimp this ap to every and anyone if a few more features are added!
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looking at it for myself, but I really would also like the straight cut design. It would be too confusing to use the wedge/circle cut.

great job though thumbs_up.gif
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Thanks for the well wishes everyone!

FromScratchSF, thanks for the constructive criticism! We appreciate your honesty, and want the apps to work for everyone. Your input is valuable and will help us make TieredCaker a better app!

For some more experienced decorators, picking tier sizes may be a simple process, or just basic math, but I know from experience and from reading forums that many decorators have a tough time figuring out what tier sizes to use for their cakes.

I've seen some websites that offer some of the functionality that TieredCaker has, but they have a much more clunky interface, and are not nearly as easy or as quick to use as TieredCaker. I've also never seen another tool that will calculate the tier combinations for you based on a number of servings. This is just one of the features that I feel sets TieredCaker apart from information you can find online.

I talked to my husband about your suggestions for the app, and this is what he had to say:

Thanks for the suggestion of having mixed cake shapes as an option in the Calculator. The Stacker in TieredCaker already supports the mixing of shapes, so hopefully that will help you in your planning for the time being. I hope to bring this functionality to the Calculator, as well, in a future update, and am working on ways to add support for it without sacrificing the usability and streamlined interface of the Calculator.

When I was planning TieredCaker, I was initially going to do volume-based calculations, but actually opted for two-dimensional serving sizes instead. The reason for this was that a cake cut into, for example, 1" x 2" servings will still be cut into the same number of servings regardless of the height of the cake. The approach I took instead, was to offer custom serving sizes as an option, so if you are serving taller cakes that should be cut into more servings you can simply use a smaller serving size.

I understand that not everyone uses the same style of cutting guide, and that the feature is not useful to everyone. I have, however, already received several compliments from users who do love the feature, even if some may consider the guides antiquated icon_smile.gif

Branding of all printable/emailable items will definitely come with a future update, and with other apps in the Calculated Cakes suite.

I also absolutely understand that visual examples of the cakes would be helpful to show to customers. I don't want to give away too many of my plans, but rest assured that future updates to TieredCaker, and the other future apps in the Calculated Cakes suite that will compliment TieredCaker, will cover the complete needs of any cake decorator.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions and well wishes!

Another thing I wanted to add is, as far as price goes, if you think about the cost of the supplies that you bought just for the last cake you made, many of which were one time use products, I don't really feel that $8 is too bad in comparison. Plus, when was the last time you bought any supplies for $8 that you would be able to use on every single cake you make in the future?

Thanks again for all the well wishes!
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Pricing mobile apps is tough since there are so many $0.99 and $1.99 mobile apps out there, but if you compare with desktop apps in the $50-150 range and look at the percentage of functionality offered by the $8 app it sounds about right.

Many mobile developers offer a free demo version of the app to try out, not sure if it would work with this type of app but it might be worth a thought.
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