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not so red, redvelvet

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I am wondering if anyone has ideas on how to make a red velvet box cake mix less red & more chocolatey??? I have several boxes of red velvet cake mix I need to use up, but dont really want to make 'red velvet'.. Is there a way to add cocoa powder or melted chocolate to make the chocolate flavor stronger & tone down that red? Any 'iderers' folks???
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You could use the WASC recipe and use 1/2 cup cocoa in place of 1/2 cup flour. That would also make it slightly less sweet.
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I like bakingirene's suggestion.

Also, adding chocolate pudding to the mix might make it darker.
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This is one of those recipes that I feel must be made from scratch. First, because red velvet is not a chocolate cake, and second, because you can control how much food coloring goes in. Most red velvet recipes I have seen are oil-based so they are good for people who are not scratch bakers or are new to scratch baking. Also, once you bake a scratch red velvet, you can actually taste the other flavors that make it what it is. It's definitely not a chocolate cake dyed red!
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