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Kellyem: Good point. I rely heavily on books (I liked the Cake Bible too!) to learn a lot of things. I am also big on learning by DVD and of course Cake Central patrons. I do not have the ability to get to a class, nor do I have a center nearby. (We just have plenty of cows here......) Since Pillsbury left me high and dry, I have too been experimenting with different things. Kind of hard to do with no grocery stores either. Very limited! I recently learned about the reversed creaming method to change the texture of a cake as well as ratio baking. It has just been fun to learn, even with disappointments thrown in!
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You've received some wonderful advice. Above all, remember that becoming a good scratch baker isn't going to happen overnight. Most of us have spent years searching and researching, perfecting recipes, etc. It takes time, which is often the most difficult point to get across to new bakers.

Eventually you'll get to the point where you can look at a recipe and tell if it will work or not. You'll be able to taste a cake and know exactly what ingredients need to be adjusted to make it great. Just don't get frustrated and give up. When a difficult recipe works great for the first time, your boyfriend will have to scrape you off the ceiling. icon_biggrin.gif
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I've never taken a baking class either and I am a pretty kick ass baker. You don't need school if you have the determination to get it right. Books and the internet can answer just about any question you have. And then there are places like this where you can ask your questions and plenty of people will offer great advice.
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