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Help!!! Treasure Box lid?!?!

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I need to do a treasure box cake for tomorrow and I was originally going to make it out of RKT but it's too soft and not forming correctly. I have seen that many people use styrofoam. How do I do this? Any suggestions??
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Any ideas??
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I have made two. What I did was shaped the lid out of cake, put it on a cake board that I covered with fondant on the bottom side.(to hid the board). I used 2 plastic dowels to hold it open and stacked the candy jems and coins around it to hid them. Oh and I had the bottom part of the treasure chest, the back side higher and tapered to also help hold it open. I will down load a pic of one I did into my gallery if you need to see it. Good luck and I hope that helps!
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I did a treasure chest cake and used cake for the lid. I put in two support dowels, but additional support in the back. It was a big cake and the lid was heavy so after about three hours the backside of the bottom part of the cake started to cave in a bit.

I have found it easier to shape rice krispy treats when wearing gloves. Otherwise, the RKTs stick to my hands and is a big pain.
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I used R.K.T. I cut a board to size. Covered my hands with soft butter and smoothed it out and packed it tight onto the board. Then I covered the entire thing with a medium brown buttercream. Scratched it all over with a cake tester to make it look old. Then used my airbrush with a dark rich brown. Finally, I sprayed just a small amount of metalic gold over the entire chest. Here's a photo. Good Luck!
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Well that stinks! If it's too soft maybe add more cereal? I made one (it's in my photo gallery) and I really pushed down hard to condense it into the shape I needed. Otherwise if you have the styro just carve it the shape you need, frost and cover it, and prop it up with dowels. HTH. Good luck and please post photos when you're done thumbs_up.gif
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Thanks guys! Have been working on the cake and didn't even see these great ideas! I did end up using styrofoam that I carved into a lid, covered in plastic wrap and iced with white chocolate ganache. Came out fine! I will post pics when I have a chance! Thanks again! icon_smile.gif
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Here is my pic! Thanks everyone for your suggestions...
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The cake turned out great!
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I am wanting to Make one for a very special young man for his 4th Birthday in October. It's for my Grandson lol anyway i would love to have some help as to how to make one. Thank you.
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