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Individual Wilton Cupcake Stands

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Has anyone ever purchased or used these before? I picked some up at Michaels last week. They were relatively inexpensive and came 6 in one pack. I used my coupon of course! icon_wink.gif

I don't know if I would want to incorporate them into a table setting but I think they are amazing to use for images of cupcakes for websites etc. Just thinking of ways to dress them up now. I'm thinking I may just cover it completely with a blanket of fabric so you can't see the stand. Would love some ideas!
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I would put little tablecloths, or sparkle all over it, or stickers, adhesive paper and gems, doilies etc...
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I have seen these too, but do agree they need to either be covered or decorated. I'm thinking maybe some scrapbook paper cut out to cover the top ( so many great designs) then ribbon glued around the base of the top? could look really shabby chic thumbs_up.gif
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I have these same stands. I bought them at Michael's. The ones I have are pink and look very nice as is, in fact I use them on top of my display case to display cupcakes.
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I think pasting a printed paper or glazed paper at the top and on the pillars, will give it a colourful look, and you can use contrasting colors, like yellow paper with green polka dots for the top and green paper for the pillar. Outlining the border of the circle and pillar with golden sparkle will make it amazing!!!

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if you end up decorating one, post it! I'd love to see how it can look better... then maybe I'll buy some :) they would be great for photos.

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